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The Power of Nature

The Power of Nature

Let Sunshine Wattle break through Your Blues

The Power of Nature to heal and balance us mentally and emotionally.

As winter is waning and the warmth of spring is coming through it has been amazing to watch the Australian Bush Flowers come into bloom on Mt Emu. This year I’ve had the opportunity to walk the mountain every few days and see this seasonal change play out in the flowers. I have a particular connection to some of these flowers as I use their essence in my practice to support my patients healing, especially with emotional challenges.

It was during winter and the August lockdown, while I was walking the mountain I found myself surrounded by an abundance of Sunshine Wattle bushes in full bloom. The yellow and golden blossoms with their uplifting energy reminded me how much nature supports us on a mental and emotional level.  I wondered at the time if nature was responding to our need right now to pull us forward during the lockdown in a positive way with this abundant display.

“Sunshine Wattle flower essence is to balance us when we are feeling stuck and unable to move forward; if we are seeing life as grim and full of struggle. It brings optimism, acceptance and the beauty of joy in the present.”

The very act of getting outdoors, walking among the flora and letting its energy balance us is a simple but powerful tool to use in managing anxiety and depression.

As the pressures of the pandemic continues to challenge us in navigating our way forward, remember this flower essence – Sunshine Wattle. If you haven’t used Flower Essences before, they are a beautiful subtle and safe way to support you emotionally, bringing balance and harmony back to the body.

If you are feeling emotionally stuck, spend time in nature and connect with the environment around you and take notice of the changes it makes in you.

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As a registered and fully qualified Naturopath, Margaret has a Diploma in Applied Science of Naturopathy and has been practising since 1995. She is also qualified in Iridology, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Kinesiology, Aromatherapy, Flower Essence and Massage.