Naturopath Coolum


We want you to feel at ease, confident and know what to expect when making your decision to come to our clinic. So we offer you a free half hour introductory consultation so we can both discuss your health concerns, what is involved in your consultation and explain your treatment options. Please feel free bring any pathology testing you have had done previously to this consultation.

If this meets your expectations and you are happy to go ahead with treatment we can book you in for your initial testing appointment.

Naturopathic Consultation

Testing Appointment:

This consultation takes approximately 1 hour and involves checking through your results from an extensive health questionnaire, as well as the listed testing below.

  • Tanita Body Scales
  • Blood pressure readings- supine, sitting, standing.
  • Iridology Reading
  • Nail and Tongue Diagnosis
  • Body Typing
  • testing-smallZinc Taste Testing
  • Saliva pH
  • Urine pH
  • Urine specific gravity
  • Urine Heavy Metal Testing
  • Kinesiology Body Check

 Other Testing that may be requested:

  • Basal Metabolic Temperature Testing
  • Bio Screen- Faecal Material Analysis
  • ALCAT- Allergy Testing
  • Pathology Blood Testing
  • Pathology Hormonal Saliva Testing
  • Kinesiology Balance

Initial Naturopathic Consultation:

This consultation takes approximately 1 hour.

After compiling the information and results from your Testing appointment we will devise a plan that will bring balance as quickly as possible to all areas of your health. This may involve nutritional supplements, herbal and flower essence remedies, exercise, sleep and lifestyle changes as well as homemade remedies.

Nutrition Consultation:

This consultation takes approximately 1 hour

Learning and understanding about your diet is so important in gaining and maintaining your health, it needs a consultation devoted just to that. Here you will learn about healthy habits around eating as well as learning about how you  can use the foods you eat to prevent many of the major health condition from diabetes, high cholesterol, inflammatory conditions as well as improving your body’s ability to detoxify and make more of the hormones that keep us calm, balanced and motivated.

Follow-up Consultations:

These consultations take approximately 40-50 minutes.

These consultations are designed to check in and see how you are progressing with your health, weigh and measure if needed, trouble shoot any problems you are having and readjust your treatment plan where necessary.

Also in these consultations teaching new skills, in breathing techniques and relaxation , body balancing with kinesiology, and any home remedies or life style habits that will enhance your health.